New Bell Muffles

Earlier this year a request was received from the bell ringers for financial assistance for provision of new muffles for the eight bells at St Leonard’s church. The existing muffles, used on solemn occasions, such as funerals or on Remembrance Sunday, had become completely worn out. Without new muffles, the bells would not be able to be rung on solemn occasions.
In April, Seaford Rotary Club agreed to make a donation towards the replacement cost of a set of muffles and in early November a letter was received reiterating the thanks of the bell ringers as the new muffles had just been received.
The process to obtain a replacement set of bell muffles was a lengthy process as each muffle had to be custom made for the size and shape of each bell clapper but the muffles were received by the bell ringers just in time to be used for Remembrance Sunday.

posted: Wednesday, 23 November 2016

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