President interviewed on Seahaven FM

MANY people have told me I have a face ideal for the wireless. So, accompanied by my wife Jennifer it was with some confidence that I approached the Radio Seahaven FM 96.3 studios in Saxon Lane on Wednesday 12th October, having been offered the opportunity by the station to spread the word locally about Rotary clubs, and particularly ours in Seaford.
There was another reason for my almost cavalier attitude. Immediate Past President Peter Fenwick had, during his time at the helm, been required to give a lecture to a local society on the same subject and had therefore researched all Rotary history and information – and he had passed his extensive notes to me.
So, thank you so much Peter for your kindness and generosity.
Yet when I walked into the room and sat under the mic it was then that the slight nervousness suddenly surfaced. I was told by the vastly-experienced interviewer Bob Peedle (a former Rotary Club of Seaford honorary member) that my debut was also his come-back to broadcasting, the first time he had hosted a show for some considerable time – and that he had already forgotten which button to press to “get rid of the (recorded) weather forecast.”
Yes, I became worried for him, but as soon the signal was given however for the hour-long programme to begin, all Bob’s trained instincts kicked in and he led me through the piece like a shepherd with a new-born lamb.
Bob had promised that the questions would not be too difficult and intimated that much of the time (one hour) was to be taken up by musical interludes and adverts. Flicking from page to page of Peter’s notes I was able to sound like a seasoned expert, responding to questions about Rotary and didn’t have to rely on some of my feeble one-liners.
My wife Jennifer was there in the studio with me to offer morale support but the smile on her face suddenly slipped when Bob said during a break for a music that he would be asking her a few questions on air about Inner Wheel Ladies Club of which she is this year’s vice-president. When it came to the crunch, though, his easy manner had the same effect on her as on me.
We both enjoyed the experience and I hope that the listeners did, too. We might even get people –gentlemen and ladies - thinking they might like to join Rotary. So far, though, I’ve had only one piece of feedback (from a fellow member who will remain nameless). He said: “Yeah, it was all right, but I could only listen to the first half-hour as I then had to take the dog out for a walk.”

posted: Wednesday, 12 October 2016

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