Seaford Community Garden

SEAFORD Rotary Club received a request in March from Seaford Community Garden for financial help to replace their polytunnel which ‘had now served its time’. The Club unanimously agreed that a donation to meet the full cost would be made.
Seaford Community Garden also requested labouring help from the Club to dismantle and remove the existing tunnel, and to erect the new polytunnel.
Thus on Tuesday 24th May six intrepid Rotarians arrived at the Seaford Community Garden at Crouch Lane to assist Seaford Community Garden install the new polytunnel under the direction of Seaford Community Garden Chairman Dave Grimley.
The existing polythene was stripped from the supporting frame. The edges of the polythene were buried in damp soil around the perimeter frame and this necessitated recovery of the soil from all four sides to enable removal of the old polythene. The timbers holding the membrane around the doors were removed and the supporting wires to the frame were retensioned. After protective tape was applied to the frame, it was ready for the new polythene cover to be installed.
The roll of polythene was taken to the adjacent Crouch Gardens and unrolled. The size of the roll when unrolled amazed the intrepid Rotarians. One considered the extent of the polythene to be greater than his garden.
The sheet was refolded as a large concertina, carried back to the Community Garden to be hoisted over the frame and pulled out to cover the frame and laid into the empty trenches around the perimeter.
Slots were cut to provide door access to inside the polytunnel and the sheet stretched over the frame. The soil was replaced over the new polythene and spiked through to provide drainage.
The reminder of the work could be completed by Seaford Community Garden, and so as the new polytunnel was substantially complete the Rotarians enjoyed refreshments of hot dogs provided by Seaford Community Garden.

posted: Wednesday, 25 May 2016

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