Bluebell Walk

On Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th April, Seaford Rotary Club ran and provided the refreshments at the Bluebell Walk at Bates Green Farm, Tye Hill Road, Arlington, Polegate.
These dates were earlier than previous years as due to the exceptionally mild winter as the bulbs were expected to flower much earlier this year. Due to the cold spell in March, many of the bluebells had, however, not flowered and remained out of sight.
Nature seems to play a crucial part in deciding when the bluebells are going to flower and John McCutchan, the farmer has difficult job on behalf of the Bluebell Walk Partnership juggling dates for the opening of this annual event.
Normally the daffodils have finished blooming when the Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail opens. This year however there was a myriad of yellow blooms leading to the Bluebell Walk. Each plant had been sown from seed and had taken 5 years before flowering.
It was inevitable that the footfall would be less than previous years because of the state of the bluebells, and also conspicuous by their absence this year was the carpet of white anemones that precede the bluebells.
The inclement weather on the second day also contributed to the lowest daily visitor attendance (21) since the Bluebell Walk opened.
As usual the Rotarians and volunteers, however, turned up for their duties, and when necessary excelled themselves, meeting and greeting visitors, assisting with the provision of mobility scooters and wheelchairs for disabled visitors, and manning the entrance booth as well as all the kitchen tasks to enable the visitors to be provided with refreshments and clearing up at the end so that ‘everything (was) left clean and immaculate’.
Congratulations go to the two T’s Compo and Clay for their sterling work at the washing up!
One of the highlights of the event is spectacular display of cakes and scones etc. As usual the Rotary wives excelled with a selection of delicious food and goodies which many of the Rotarians equally enjoyed. The farmer always congratulates us on our food displays, the standard and the quality of our catering.
It was great this year to see so many of the new Rotarians participating, it really was a great networking event. On one of the feedback forms the following comment was made:
“We had a brilliant time and The Rotary Staff were excellent, very helpful and chatty. Thank You “.
After two days of uncertainty and inclement weather we can congratulate ourselves on a successful two days of staffing the Arlington Bluebell Walk.
Next year the farm celebrates its 45th year of opening, and Seaford Rotary Club has been promised a slot to which we can look forward.

posted: Friday, 8 April 2016

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