Graham Tubb presented with National Operatic and Dramatic Association Lifetime Achievement Diamond and Gold Bar

Seaford Musical Theatre held a celebration event on 12th March to recognise several members with National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA) awards.
The Barn Theatre was full of excited members of Seaford Musical Theatre looking forward to their annual awards evening. They were supported by many friends and family who have encouraged them through the past year. Awards were given not only for those who perform on stage, but also the many long standing supporters who provide refreshments, build sets, take money, sell tickets and crucially ensure the stage is lit correctly.
One member of Seaford Musical Theatre, who is a volunteer performer at Rotary events, is Mr Graham Tubb. Graham has had a long career in the arts, starting as one of the original Junior members of the Seaford Operatic Society as a young lad. Graham belonged to many societies and dance schools performing with Jean Cantell in Newhaven, Eastbourne and Bexhill.
In 1963 Graham turned professional, starring in “Wedding in Paris” in Croydon before going into the West End for his favourite show “Guys and Dolls”. He Performed in London and Paris but when “resting” he was well known as a shop window dresser, including for Mary Quant in the Kings Road.
He was eligible for the highest award, the Diamond Bar, for 60 years+ service to the Arts.
Graham was completely unaware that he was to receive an award and was a little surprised to see Steven Willox arrive. He has known him, however for many years as he has delighted Rotary with his tap dancing at Rotary Christmas events. Steven’s presence as a Rotary representative therefore did not raise any suspicions.
Graham was more surprised when Judy Cornwell, best known for playing Hyacinth Bucket’s sister ‘Daisy’ in Keeping Up Appearances arrived. Graham and Judy were childhood friends, both spending their childhoods in Seaford, and at a tender age both performed in Seaford. His father was a friend of Gracie Fields, and therefore it was almost inevitable that he would end up in show business.
At the end of the award presentations, Judy and Steve joined the Seaford Musical Theatre President on stage, and he invited Graham to join them to celebrate his lifetime in show business. Shocked is not the word, but as a true professional Graham took it all in his stride.
Judy recounted some memories of their friendship and then presented the National Operatic and Dramatic Association Lifetime Achievement Diamond and Gold Bar, sponsored by Seaford Rotary Club.
Steve recounted Graham’s stalwart performances in army fatigues at the Rotary Xmas party, and how well it was received by the audience. He then presented the mounted certificate for 60 years’ service to the Arts.
Graham, very moved at first, showed he is a true professional giving a witty and moving thank you.

posted: Tuesday, 22 March 2016

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